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About the embroidery bird

the embroidery bird

I have always loved vintage clothes and fabrics, scouring markets for vintage treasures; antique camisoles, petticoats, linen nighties and finding beautiful hand-worked white linen cloths and lace panels. A love of embroidery, patchwork, hand-stitching and appliqué has taken me on a journey of creating stitched pictures using the vintage linens and notions that I love. I have a gentle embroidery style which I believe compliments the beautiful linens I work with, to create original treasures to decorate and scent a home.

Drawing on a variety of media from fabric to paper or wire, my creations can become a lavender-filled pillow to hang on a dresser or bed;   a cushion or simply be framed to hang as a picture. 

original designs

Alll my creations are original designs and hand-made with love by me, Penny